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Originating Ba

It is the world where individuals share feelings, emotions, experiences and mental model. An individual sympathises or further empathises with others, removing the barriers between the self and others. It is the primary ba from which the knowledge creation process begins and represents the socialization phase. Physical and face to face experiences are the key to conversion and transfer of tacit knowledge.

Professor Ikujiro Nonaka emphasizes that the physical contact is important in originating Ba to facilitate knowledge creation through Socialization. It is the beginning of the knowledge creation process in SECI model.


Ikujiro Nonaka, Noboru Konno, The concept of "Ba’: Building foundation for Knowledge Creation. California Management Review Vol 40, No.3 Spring 1998.

Willingness of sharing from individual facilitates the knowledge sharing in this ba.

However, without physical contact or any socialization, knowledge still can be created by using the advanced technology nowadays. For example, the virtual world like Internet with email facilities, people can exchange information, knowledge using email, online chatting, phone call, etc. The advanced technology nowadays aids to provide easier communication and real time communication.

Hence, Originating Ba should not be the source of the knowledge creation in certain situation.

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