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Interacting Ba

The interacting ba is more consciously constructed, as compared to originating ba. Selecting people with the right mix of specific knowledge and capabilities for a project team, taskforce, or cross-functional team is critical. Through dialogue, individual’s mental models and skills are converted into common terms and concepts. Two processes operate in concert: individuals share the mental model of others, but also reflect and analyze their own.

This is the place where tacit knowledge is made explicit, thus it represents the externalization process. Dialogue is key for such conversions; and the extensive use of metaphors is one of the conversion skills required. The importance of sensitivity for meaning and the will to make tacit knowledge explicit is recognised. Here, interacting ba for collective reflection is institutionalised in the company culture. Initiators (conceptual leaders) are challenged to pursue their ideas. Interacting ba provide a place for dialogue where people engage jointly in the creation of meaning and value.


Ikujiro Nonaka, Noboru Konno, The concept of "Ba’: Building foundation for Knowledge Creation. California Management Review Vol 40, No.3 Spring 1998.

Interacting ba is constructed consciously to have right mix of the person to interact with each other to create more knowledge as mentioned by Prof. Nonak. However, hypertext does not confine nor classify the readers or writers. Yet, the knowledge can be created through diffusions between expert to novice.

It is interesting how the diffusions between novice and expert lead to knowledge creation.Consider an example, novice may request or have some new thought which the expert never think about since the expert is involved in the field for long period.

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