Snow Crash Rules

Karen Kayfetz '08, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University

Like cyberpunk? Like satire? Like to read things that don't suck? Well, Snow Crash rules. Hiro Protagonist, the protagonist, is the last of the freelance hackers and the greatest sword fighter in the world and he uses his skills in and out of the Metaverse to prevent the lunatic cult leader L. Bob Rife from carrying out his plans for world domination. In the dystopian, though not nightmarish, society of the not-so-distant future the former United States of America has fragmented into corporate and residential franchises and people escape their mundane lives by jacking in to the Metaverse where their property exists in megabytes and "The Street," the cultural center of the Metaverse, has anything and everything one could possibly want to find. Hiro and his teen girl sidekick (she calls herself "partner") Y.T. work together as intelligence agents and dig up dirt on L. Bob Rife and his associates as well as information about ancient Sumerian mythology to crack the case and kick a lot of real and cyber-ass while they're at it. Snow Crash is brilliant and relevant and hilarious.

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Last modified 14 April 2005