The Author Speaks

by Monica Allard

To help guide you through this web, I have color-coded what I feel are three distinct layers of the text. The pages with blue backgrounds are the story, a brief set of vignettes which you may choose to enter first, and which may help orient you to the criticism, which is the black-on-white. The red background indicates a the mediation between the blue story and the criticism. The green lexias are part of the gallery, with a few pictures that relate to the story and the criticism.

I have attempted to explore layering and hypertext and how they relate to and construct meaning. Who speaks, who writes, who reads are some of the questions that do not get answered by this hypertext. This web is about making connections, and the fact that the connections are themselves another layer of the text. Boundaries, borders, (mis)interpretations, (visual) language, originality ... these issues are raised by this, and probably every hypertext. The success of what I have tried to do lies not in this explanation, but in the reader/writer's reponse, so read on ...

Cyberspace OV