Jacques Derrida and Deconstruction

[This page derives from one created by Chris Allert, who in turn incorporated materials from A. Liu's Voice of the Shuttle Philosophy Page].

  1. Jacques Derrida at UCI
  2. A discussion of Jacques Derrida and Deconstruction
  3. Belal E. Baaquie, Dialectics in Brief
  4. David Javier, Alive, Alone
  5. Writing in Reserve: Deconstruction on the Net (Derrida page)
    1. Jacques Derrida, "Architecture New York" (Summary of Impromptu Remarks)
    2. Applied Derrida (interview with Derrida)
    3. Letter to a Japanese Friend
    4. Jewish Mystic? (part of an interview with Derrida)
    5. Bibliography of Derrida Bibliographies
    6. Jacques Derrida (selective bibliography) (UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource/Eddie Yeghiayan, U. Calif. Irvine)
  6. Kip Canfield (U. Maryland), "The Microstructure of Logocentrism: Sign Models in Derrida and Smolensky" (1993)
  7. Glen Scot Allen (Towson State U.), "Baptismal Eulogies: Reconstructing Deconstruction from the Ashes" (1993)
  8. "The Deconstruction of Actuality" (Aug. 1993 interview with Jacques Derrida)
  9. Steven Helmling (U. Delaware), "Historicizing Derrida" (1994)
  10. Free Association Gallery ("These are 'little' texts collected by way of the Derrida mailing list") (Kevin Sawad Brooks)
  11. Site of Convergence: Autobiography & Post-Structuralism (Amy Freed & Robert Brown, Virginia Polytechnic)
  12. Carrie Watterson, The Veiling of Homoerotic Desire in Roland Barthes' S/Z ("Plato's Pharmacy" from Dissemination)

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