WWW Resources about Michel Foucault

[This page derives from one created by Chris Allert, who in turn incorporated materials from A. Liu's Voice of the Shuttle Philosophy Page].

  1. A few references to Michel Foucault
  2. Michel Foucault in the Storyspace Cluster at Brown University
  3. Michel Foucault (1926-1984) (a short biography)
  4. Doom Patrols ch4: Michel Foucault
  5. Foucault Page (A Genealogy of Foucault) (Ben Attias)
  6. FOUCAULT List: Archives (U. Virginia)
  7. Philosopher All-Stars Trading Cards: Foucault (Mark Achbar & Peter Wintonick)
  8. Picture of Foucault (Philosopher's Gallery, U. Waterloo)
  9. History and the Real: Foucault with Lacan (PMC essay by Charles Shepherdson)

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