Foreword to Schizophrenia II

Armando Manalo '93

"He has already broken down the wall of the signifer: Artaud the schizo"

-- Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus

The main purpose of this project is to collapse the dialectic between writing and living, inside and outside, a dialectic that has achieved a certain synthesis in the figure of Antonin Artaud. Indeed, his very life-style, thought, and above all, writings seem to embody Derrida's theories on writing in Dissemination. That is, (the phenomenology of) daily life is schizophrenic and is in constant dialogue - play, if you will - with the double movement of writing; or rather, the double movement of writing, its schizophrenia, is life.

The confusion of this website is deliberate, as is its random collage of words, images and theoretical excerpts. I hope to unleash the schizophrenic within us all.

I am indebted to a previous web entitled Schizophrenia, and especially, Lina Chan for inspiration.