About the Project

The Cold Awakening was created by:

Adam Mazer, Writer

Daniel Byers, Writer, Graphics, Web Design, Media

"If Juggernaut was part of CyberCorp, then I was up shit creek with a ball bearing strapped to my ankle. If I took him out fast I might have a chance of escape, but once his hands were on his terminal itd be hopeless. Then again, he might just be talking.

I had to decide whether to trust him, and I had to decide now..."

The Cold Awakening is a Hypertext project created for George P. Landow's "The Cyborg Self" (EL0065) class during the Spring of 2005 at Brown University. We created it to demonstrate a fundamental principle of hypertext--that the reader has the power to make his or her own path by choosing from a myriad of links. And also to tell a frickin' cool story.

In the story of Jack Fenix, the reader has the power to shape the hero's fate--to lead him to exalted victory or crushing defeat or just quiet resignation. It takes place in a dark Cyberpunk future of super-corporations, cyborg assassins, and nano-plagues. This world is unkind: any decision could lead to certain death, but only a few will deliver ultimate satisfaction. Do you have what it takes to make the choice?

      You bet I do... let's rock and roll!

      No thank you... I'm afraid and I want to go home now.