The integration of information retrieval and hypertext … will become commonplace.


F. Halasz, 1991

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The use of hypertext systems offers some very exciting possibilities, particularly for new uses of the computer as a communication and thinking tool. It represents an ideal medium for document presentation, providing a simple and rich interface for intuitive and informal retrieval methods.

Information exploration interfaces mediate the dialog between user and machine. They receive information seeking intent from users and display potentially relevant documents. The cycle continues as the user modifies the representation of the information need in response to the retrieved results.

This project examines the role of information retrieval in facilitating users' navigation actions in hypertext systems. The goal of this work is to gain insight into the effect that interface and interaction style have on users' performance and behavior. The motivation for this work stems from some empirical observations that responsive, interactive interfaces tend to encourage exploratory behavior. For example, people typically enjoy using hypertext interfaces, and are frequently intimidated by, or fail to take advantage of, query interfaces. Unfortunately, large hypertexts are prohibitively time–consuming to create, forcing users to resort to query interface.

Moreover, this project provides a detailed tutorial for hypertext for those who are new to hypertext systems.


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