Forms of Hypertext

Lexia-and-link, node-and-network hypertext: Some Oppositions

  1. Read/Write [Intermedia, Microcosm, Storyspace author environment] vs. Read-only (presentation or broadcast mode [World Wide Web; Storyspace reader])

  2. Stand-alone [Hypercard, Guide, Storyspace] vs. networked [Intermedia: Local Area Network (LAN); World Wide Web: Wide Area Network (WAN)]

  3. E-book [Dynatext] vs. hypertext

  4. Translated [individual books on the Victorian Web] vs. written-for-hypertext [entire Victorian Web]

  5. Self-contained documents [CD-ROM edition of Oxford English Dictionary] or inter-web linked [HTML edition of OED]

  6. Links stored separately [Intermedia, Microcosm] or in individual lexias [Storyspace, WWW]


Spatial Hypertext

Cyberspace Web Information technology Hypertext

Last modified 27 January 2005