Jack Womack [1956-]

Born January 8th, 1956, Lexington, Kentucky. Son of Jack Womack Karrenbrock (lawyer/social worker) and Ann M. Truitt (medical assistant).

Attended Trannsylvania University for 2 years.

Writings include short stories, articles/periodicals, and a number of novels. His full length works often deal with a violent 21st century New York in which society has broken down into near anarchy.

Lives somewhere in New York City.

Jack Womack is the author of Let's Put the Future Behind Us, Random Acts of Senseless Violence, Terraplane, Heathern, and Elvissey, which won the Philip K. Dick Award for Fiction. His short fiction has appeared in Omni as well as various anthologies, and his journalism has appeared in Spin. He lives in New York City.

[Taken from Ambient, 1987]