The Flatline's Origin

"You Know that Dixie Flatline's dead?" He nodded. "Heart, I heard." "You'll be working with his construct." She smiled. "Taught you the ropes, huh? Him and Quine. I know Quine, by the way. Real asshole." "Somebody's got a recording of McCoy Pauley? Who?" Now Case sat, and rested his elbows on the table. "I can't see it. He'd never have sat still for it." "Sense/Net. Paid him mega, you bet your ass." "Quine dead too?" "No such luck. He's in Europe. He doesn't come into this." "Well, if we can get the Flatline, we're home free. He was the best. You know he died braindeath three times?" She nodded

"Flatlined on his EEG. Showed me tapes. 'Boy, I was daid.' "
(William Gibson, Neuromancer)

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