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The International Conference on Scientific and Engineering Computation (IC-SEC) 2002 has extended its deadline for participation. Abstracts must be submitted by 31 August. The inaugural International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (IC-SEC) 2002 aims to create a forum for engineers and scientists who are involved in the use of high performance computers, advanced numerical strategies, computational methods and simulation in various scientific and engineering disciplines. The conference offers participants a platform to present and discuss latest trends and findings or simply to learn about the state-of-the-art in their particular field(s) of interest. The conference also hopes to provide a forum for the interdisciplinary blending of computational efforts in various diversified areas of sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics and materials, and all branches of engineering. The organising committee has therefore devised a broad range of topics and application areas surrounding the theme of this conference, all of which involves modelling and simulation work using high performance computers.

Raqs Media Collective, in conjunction with Sarai Initiative in New Delhi, launches OPUS

Opus is an acronym for "Open Platform for Unlimited Signification!" It is an online space for people, machines, and codes to play and work together - to share, create and transform images, sounds, videos and texts. Opus is an attempt to create a digital commons in culture, based on the principle of sharing of work, while at the same time, retaining the possibility of maintaining traces of individual authorship and identity.

An online adjunct to the documentary installation "Co-Ordinates: 28.28N/77.15E :: 2001/2002" presented at Documenta11, Kassel, OPUS (Release Candidate) went public on the 8th of June, 2002.