Call for participation

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Be part of the Radiotopia acoustic network and contribute sound work as a file, CD, tape, score etc. Mix incoming sounds or playback streams at your radio station, club or Internet café! "Liberté, fraternité, egalité"-carrying on this simple, old principle, we will set up a utopian sound network from September 8-12 -- Radiotopia.

It's open air for your contributions.

Raise your voice, record it, and send the sound file. There are no commercial or ideological goals; this is an artistic project commissioned by the 2002 Ars Electronica Festival and co-produced by ORF Kunstradio, Vienna.

A documentary CD, the websites created over the course of the project, as well as your personal work and recordings will remain after the Radiotopia performance is over to document what has transpired.

Radio, the Internet, electricity, as well as music, literature, the fine arts etc. are communication tools meant to be used by the people. Let's do it!

All kinds of sounds are welcome; however, to help create the unique sound-image of Radiotopia-radio as a worldwide medium for communication/exchange/dialogue supporting and amplifying the often-unheard multiplicity of voices-we propose a strong language or vocal element in your contributions. This diverse and regional vocabulary might also include the "voices" of specific landscapes, cityscapes, musical instruments and ecosystems around the world.

Send your sounds/poems/scores etc. (without a restriction on running time) in a prerecorded form via snail mail (on cassettes, CDs, MDs), Internet (live streams, files, images), telephone, and fax, or submit your texts/poems/statements (in all languages) in written form to:

ORF Kunstradio
c/o Radiotopia
Argentinierstr. 30a
A-1040 Vienna

Phone: ++43 732 7272 60
Fax: ++431 50101 18065


For detailed information, log onto our website:

The participants agree to grant the organizers the rights of use to their materials as a whole or in part, and the former expressly represent that they are using only that material from third parties (images, sound, text) for which they have obtained the necessary licenses.