Michael DiBianco


To determine whether the hypertext novel (hyperfiction) can/will/should replace the traditional novel, through a discussion of both media.


An exploration of...

Traits inherent to the conventional novel, and whether they are also inherent to, or can be applied to, hyperfiction.
The inherent differences between the two media.
The advantages of the conventional novel.
The advantages of hyperfiction, multimedia capabilities.
The problems inherent to hyperfiction.
Several examples of hyperfiction.


Should hyperfiction try to replace the novel?
Should/Can the writer of hyperfiction use the same general guidelines, techniques, etc. as the novelist to achieve similar results?
Is hyperfiction as we know it today simply a stage in the evolution of computer-based 'fiction'?
Will the hyperfiction reading audience inevitably be a different one than the novel's audience?


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