Introduction to Hypertext Notes

The majority of the Hypertext Notes pages are, in one way or another, responses to Nell's Lost in a Book, but there are also a number of pages devoted to discussions of Broderbund's Myst, Michael Joyce's Afternoon, a story (coming soon), and Stuart Moulthrop's Victory Garden (also coming soon). And of course there are a number of pages that don't fit anywhere particular.

Direct Responses to Nell's Lost in a Book

Trance Potential
Difficulty Reading

Absorption & Entrancement

Reading & Sleep

The Future of Hypetext
Problems Inherent to Hypertext
Good Hypertext

A Definition of Trash
A Not-So-Good Definition of Literature
Literature vs. Trash
Hypertext Literature

Multimedia: The Word

Hypertext & The Merging of Different Entertainment Genres/Media

Hypertext vs. The Novel


Hypertext Vs. Film

Dreams, Reading, VR

Twin Peaks & Hypermedia (A Response to Ulmer)

Calvino & Reader Participation

My Web
Myst & Hypermedia

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