In Search of the Author, or Standing up Godot

Lars Hubrich '98 (English 111, 1995)

This web has two parts that function much as chapters do in a printed book, except for that it provides no order in which they must be read. The reader can start with any of them, since they have equal importance. Having two independent webs also symbolizes my very own multivocality.

The first part is called "Killing me".

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    The second part is called "Salt and Pepper". It is about dialectics and someone who tries to give his meal the right taste by adding the perfect amount of salt and pepper to it.

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    The whole work, which is far from being earnest or pretending to arrive at a fixed meaning, does not claim to hold truth alone but rather offers a web that encourages you to play with it. Hence the title (and the references to Dada) that counterpoints people's sometimes rather despairing search for meaning.

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