"Killing Me"

Lars Hubrich '98 (English 111, 1995)

"Killing Me" is a simple web that mainly tries to question the importance of its author for two reasons. First, it does not matter whether you know who wrote this web (especially in my case where you won't have read another text written by me to compare it with). Second, the arguments I come up with are presented in a way that does not allow to see different importances or levels. Therefore, the reader is encouraged to make (or read) his own connections and thus is reading his perception of the arguments rather than my digested version of them.

Use the below this paragraph to get to read different lexias. Each icon stands for a different link to a single lexia. All the links are simple one way links with the option of getting back to the .

"The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author " -R. Barthes

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