A Synopsis of Bubble Gum Crisis 6, "Red Eyes"

Ho Lin, Brown University '92

For those who are interested in discovering how this chapter of the saga ends, one can either watch BGC 6: "Red Eyes" (which is highly recommended and even more of a roller-coaster ride than BGC 5) or read the following brief synopsis:

Distressed over her mercy killing of Sylvie, Priss quits the Knight Sabers, while super-Boomers that have been constructed in the Sabers' image terrorize MegaTokyo. While the Sabers are busy combatting this threat, Largo, who created the super-Boomers as a diversion, manages, with the help of Anri, whom he has poisoned against the Knight Sabers by claiming that they were responsible for Sylvie's murder, to gain an audience with Genom Chairman Quincy. En route to the meeting, Largo fights off both Leon and Priss (who has recognized Anri) with the help of Earth's orbiting laser satellites (he has the satellite control program implanted in his body).

Feeling responsible for Anri because of what she did to Sylvie, Priss vows to rescue her and protect her, despite the protests of Leon, who caught a glimpse of Priss' face at the previous battle with the D.D. and knows that she's a Knight Saber. At the meeting with Quincy, Largo reveals his plan for a new world, one with Boomers as a legitimate life form independent of humans. All he requires is the "Overmind Control System," which gives its possessor full control of every Boomer on the planet. Fearing the worst, Quincy orders his own Boomers to attack, but Largo makes short work of them. It is then revealed that Quincy is not the real Quincy but an android made in his image, and Largo destroys him as well. His mission thwarted, he turns to leave, but Priss stands in his way. Largo quickly stuns her, and goads Anri to take revenge for Sylvie. Anri manages to stab Priss, but a grieving Priss convinces her that she had no choice but to kill Sylvie. Largo attempts to finish her off himself, but Anri gets in his way and is killed protecting Priss. As she dies, she asks her to "live" for Sylvie and herself. Despite her best efforts, Priss is made short work of by Largo and the super-Boomers, which have arrived to assist him, and the situation looks bleak. That is, it looks bleak until her automated moto-bike transport appears on the rooftop, carrying an updated hardsuit. She manages to change and make quick work of the super-Boomers as well as injure Largo, but the remaining super-Boomer has a trump card -- the laser satellites -- and plans to use it.

Fortunately the rest of the Sabers arrive in the proverbial nick of time, and with Nene and Linna's help, the satellite beam is rerouted so that it strikes Largo. As his body burns, he telepathically communicates with Sylia, calling her name once again. She asks, "How do you know who I am?" his only answer is, "I know...because we are two of a kind." He rears up for a final attack, but Leon guns him down from a nearby rooftop and he tumbles off the edge of the Genom Tower to his (apparent) destruction hundreds of stories below. As the Sabers leave the scene Sylia remembers a quotation, "Frail humans need not fear anything any more," and the man who uttered that sentence: Brian Mason (Quincy's right-hand man who was killed by Sylia in episode 3. The implication seems to be that Mason's brain patterns were transferred to Largo, and that Sylia is herself either a half-Boomer or Boomer).

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