History of the Cyborg

Lester D. Stone, EL 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University, 2006

What does cyborg mean? Who first came up with the word cyborg? Do cyborgs exist today? These questions reach an answer but not without a clear path of skepticism. Even though this project does not show a linear history with a well drawn out chronology, the cyborg becomes a very mystifying issue with many facets. It is after all a hypertext document. This project will demonstrate a hypertexual version of the origins of the cyborg to the current era. Within this multilinear behemoth, I present pages on Africa as the origins of cybernetics, fetal technologies, a section on the artificial liver, the future of the cyborg, cyborg in the imagination, Uses of Cyborgs from an engineering and space perspective as well as the Japanese take on cyborgs. A section on William Mitchell's Me++ has been put up as well as Baudrillard and Haraway for those curious for more information relating to the world and cybernetics. The history also looks at cyborgs and space. Later on, the military cyborg and the social cyborg are discussed. Just click a link.






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