This is a meta final project, a final project about final projects. Titled "How to Make a Final Project", it provides useful reference information but avoids taking itself too seriously. I have tried to present examples that show the ideas I talk about in action, and I have tried to keep a sense of humor throughout. Let's admit it, reading about XHTML elements and attributes isn't the most exciting thing in the world. In fact, it's probably somewhere around #1738 on the list of Most Exciting Things. I would have to check my calculations to give you an exact number though.

I have put the site into a linear order, but have also made the site easy to navigate. Feel free to skip around and use this site as you would a reference book, or to read it through from start to finish. Particularly, you may decide that you want to focus on coding your site before you work on writing the content. If so, take a look at section 3 before getting to section 2.

Sections two and three are divided into five pages each, and constitute the bulk of this site. The examples page shows how it all works when you apply it. The introduction isn't worth clicking on, because you've just finished reading it.

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