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Ted Nelson defined hypertext as non-sequential reading and writing in [Nelson 1981]. More recently, Isakowitz et. al. [Isakowitz 1995] defined it as the science of relationships and relationship management. George Landow  defines hypertext as "the use of the computer to transcend the linear, bounded and fixed qualities of the traditional written text".

Whatever the definition, links have always been at the heart of hypertext and hypermedia, providing the relationships in Isakowitz's definition and allowing the  non-sequential modes of access in the definition from Nelson.  Therefore, the link has been central to the idea of hypertext since its inception and continues to enjoy widespread popularity.

This project aims at recall the significance of hyperlinks and how to use links information in a extended way to mine more valuable information in hypertext. First, this project  briefly explores the significance of hyperlinks in hypertext. Then we cover the knowledge of web mining and its classification. We emphasize on the knowledge mining behind the links and discuss how to improve information retrieval by using hyperlinks. The user navigation or retrieval behavior pattern is also discussed. Beside this, we also explain what is data mining, web log mining and information retrieval etc..


  Link is the currency of the Web
    Behind link, there is a golden mine
    Improve information retrieval by using hypertext links




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