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Improve information retrieval by using hyperlinks


The main idea of hyper documents is that documents or parts thereof can be brought into relation to each other and that additional information may be attached to any part of a document. Hypertext links were invented to support the manual browsing through large hypertext or hypermedia collections. However, retrieving specific portions of information in such a collection cannot be achieved by browsing only. There are about 300 million pages on the Web today with about 1 million being added daily. The retrieval mechanisms are necessary.

In general, users either browse or use the search service when they want to find specific information on the Web. When user submits a query in a search engine to retrieve information, he gets thousands of documents as response to his query. However, few of the results returned by a search engine may be valuable to a user, even they do include the query keywords submitted by the user. It seems that we should find other useful information besides the match of word to improve the information retrieval performance.

I hold here that, to improve information retrieval on the Web, we must take into account both hyperlink information as well as Web page content.

Many researchers resort to mining link information to do this. For example, there are two different ways  to improve information retrieval by using link information as follows:


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Last Modified: Nov 11, 2002