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Learning through piecewise refinement of a schema due to encoding and discovering new chunks of knowledge.

Constructionism, Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab, holds that children learn best when they are in the active role of the designer and constructor. But the theory goes a step further. Constructionism, Papert says, adds "is the idea that happens especially felicitously in a context where the learner is consciously engaged in constructing a pubic entity, whether it's a sand castle on the beach or a theory of the universe.

"But it is not only in the constructing of something that leaning becomes truly meaningful for the learner. That creation process and the end product must be shared with others in order for the full effects of Constructionist learning to take root. We all have times when we need to explain something we know to someone else. To do this, we may have to bone up on the subject, talk with others, draw diagrams. In this process, we learn our subject well because we have to think hard about it and think of the best ways to convey it to others. It is through this creation of an object -- it could be a website or computer program -- that is shared with others and becomes what Papert calls a "public entity" that Constructionist learning is so powerfully reinforced.

Resource: annmariethurmond/defconstructionism.html

I have surfed through numbers of websites. Some of them actually have broader sense of constructionism, like social constructionism. However, I have quoted some interesting comments regarding constructionism in perspective of learning process. 

In my view, constructionism in learning is analogy to building something meaningful utilizing the Lego components. It is through continuously construction using different pieces in different ways to create some new shapes. Besides, the person shall proactively involved in the process to obtain experiences and knowledge throughout the whole process. As mentioned by Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab, the knowledge learnt through constructionism should be shared to have the full effects of constructnist to take root. Hence, I think hypertext can help in managing the sharing process effectively.

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