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What is Hypertext ?

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Hypertext conceives information as nodes and link networks forming navigable paths that can be toured, returned to and referenced.

It is a non-linear way of presenting information as below diagram. Instead of reading or learning about things in the order that predefined by author, editor or publishers, readers of hypertext may follow their own path, create their own order – their own meaning out of the material.

This is accomplished by creating "links" between information (Nodes). These links are provided so that the readers may "jump" to further information about a specific topic being discussed (which may have more links, leading each reader off into a different direction).

Diagram below represent a simple framework how hypertext links different nodes with each other. The blue document is the comment that a reader may attach on the document he/she read(Just like the green footnote added by the author in some of the webpage in this website to comment some quotation from others). The idea is also proposed by Vannear Bush in his Memex Machine.

Please click the arrow (linkage) at the bottom of this diagram or square(node) in the middle of diagram for link or node detail!!!


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