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Hi Everyone,

This project is created for CS6212 Special Topic in Media.

When I was brainstorming for my term project , I came across the idea of how hypertext can influence the way of knowledge creation in human being. It is interesting to explore how new knowledge can be created in shared pool of knowledge (nodes) through linkages between nodes that emphasized in Hypertext world. 

I included the classical SECI organisation knowledge creation model by Professor Ikujiro Nonaka. There are also some discussions on the relationship between data, information and knowledge included in this website.

With that, I proposed a knowledge creation framework that suitable in Hypertext world. Please do email me if you have any comments regarding the proposed framework

Besides, I also included the discussions of other elements in Hypertext in this website. For instance, Critical Thinking , Constructionism in the learning cycle, just to name a few.

There are some discussions on early hypertext based knowledge management projects that I quoted from an ACM paper as well.

Since the content of this website is partially quoted from others and partially composed by myself, I have separated the quotation and my own writing using horizontal line in some webpages.You may see some footnotes added by webmaster/author(ME!). If the page content quoted from others, you shall find the quotations' resource at the right hand corner of the page.

Last but not least, have fun reading and exploring.


Prepared by,

Thong Lip Fei (HT023546Y)

06 November 2002

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What is Hypertext?

Nonaka SECI Model

Proposed Knowledge Creation Framework in Hypertext

Hypertext Research in KM discipline


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