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Call for Participation

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Ars Electronica 2002 / Ö1 Kunstradio

Be part of the Radiotopia acoustic network and contribute sound work as a file, CD, tape, score etc. Mix incoming sounds or playback streams at your radio station, club or Internet café! "Liberté, fraternité, egalité"-carrying on this simple, old principle, we will set up a utopian sound network from September 8-12 -- Radiotopia. It's open air for your contributions.

The databank of the Radiotopia acoustic network is now ready to receive your contributions. As of right now, you can perform all uploads, transformations and downloads. You also have the possibility of classifying your contribution however you see fit. Please also fill out our Author's Data Sheet that's available online to submit info like names of participants and collaborators, brief bios, language, Internet address, etc.

Ars Electronica 2002 - Program online

The detailed Ars Electronica 2002 festival program is online now:

Ars Electronica is providing online updates on an almost daily basis beginning immediately and continuing until the festival in September: topical ideas, theme-related essays, background information, relevant links as well as portraits of artists and symposium speakers.

www.aec.at/unplugged/ functions as a form and invites participants to submit comments and feedback.


Unplugged Symposium will deal with the assessment of globalization, Africa between emancipation and cyber-colonialism on its way into Information Society, media as venues and battle zones of global conflicts, international educational standards in media art, art as a part of global systems, as well as the evidence for and the political power of Internet utopias.

Plug-In I: Who is unplugged? (Sept. 8)
Plug-In II: Artistic Aggression (Sept. 8)
Plug-In III: Wiring Africa (Sept. 9)
Plug-In IV: Local Conflicts - Global Media (Sept. 9)
Plug-In V: Coaching the Arts (Sept. 10)
Plug-In VI: Operated by Art (Sept. 11)
Plug-In VII: Global Conflicts - Local Networks (Sept. 12)

Prominent participants in the Ars Electronica 2002 symposia include artists Peter Fend, Aza El'Hassan, and Mark Napier, leading thinkers in the globalization debate such as Ignacio Ramonet (Le Monde Diplomatique, the father of ATTAC), Jeremy Rifkin (The Age of Access), Aminata Traoré, a high-profile member of the African anti-globalization scene, and Paul Virilio (Kunst des Schreckens), as well as representatives of innovative African Internet projects like Lisa Goldman-Carney (Joko / Senegal), Keith Goddard (Tonga.Online from Zimbabwe) and fashion designer Oumou Sy (Metissacana / Senegal).