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World Wide Web

World Wide Web  is also know as Web, WWW, W3. A global, virtual-network based hypertext information system that uses the Internet as its transport mechanism to display computer screens (or Web pages) of graphical, video, textual, and even audio information.

In a hypertext system, one navigates by clicking hyperlinks, which display another document which also contains hyperlinks. In Web navigation, the next document seen could be housed on a computer next door or half-way around the world. Created in 1989 at a research institute in Switzerland, the Web relies upon browsers and the hypertext transport protocol (http), an Internet standard that specifies how an application can locate and acquire resources stored on another computer on the Internet.

Most Web documents are created using hypertext markup language (html), a coding system for WWW documents. Incorporating hypermedia (graphics, sounds, animations, video), the Web has become a popular medium for publishing information on the Internet. With the development of secured server protocol (https), the Web is now a commercial medium whereby consumers can browse on-line catalogs and purchase merchandise using secure, encrypted credit card information that is protected from interception.

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The web is a collaborative environment. It is a shared pool of knowledge. An author can be a reader in the same time in this environment. The knowledge you gained depends on how you dig the information and create knowledge.

The World Wide Web is a distributed hypertext system. However, it is a "Closed" Hypertext System because web pages are "read-only" from the web. Although WWW creator Tim Berners-Lee originally conceived the Web as an open system for research, the reader cannot modify the content of someone else’s’ Web page or even attach a comment directly to the page.

Readers can only create own web page, link their own page to others. By linking more and more webpages, the web network enlarges.

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