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Circulation between Combination, Internalization and Externalisation

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Based on the documents / nodes available, readers must find their own path way and do their own connections. Otherwise, they are stuck in that point. The connection based on the available is the Combination process in the proposed framework. This process is analogy of constructiovist in connecting existing nodes using links in hypertext.

As Nelson emphasized, in this type of environment there is much greater freedom in making determinations as a reader of a text about what relates to what, or what ideas should follow or precede others: these are no longer circumscribed by the actual form or sequence of text presentation.

--> Combination in SECI Model



With the connections, the reader should analyse what are the meanings of the connection, what they learn. They should comprehend the existing information and create their own knowledge. This is the internalisation process in the proposed framework. This process is analogy to learning process during the discovery and during the combination process.

Mind and memory are themselves hyperenvironments: we do not learn new information as discrete, isolated facts - or, if we do, we are not likely to remember them for long. The information we learn best is material that can be integrated with knowledge we already have, frequently through complex and multiple links of association.

--> Internalization in SECI model



While the reader understood some concepts or gain some information, they may derive further from the existing knowledge internally using critical thinking. Now, they shall focus on how to represent explicitly what they know and share with others. This process analogy the adding comments linked to the main text in Hypertext. Readers should have the freedom to add footnotes, annotations, comments, etc. They may even represent their tacit knowledge using semantic network, concept map or others.

After the externalization of the tacit knowledge, more nodes/knowledge is contributed to the shared pool of knowledge. This contributed knowledge serve as raw data for other readers.

--> Externalization in SECI model





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