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Comparison between SECI and proposed framework

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SECI model overlooks critical thinking in all the processes in knowledge creation in SECI model while proposed framework suggested that critical thinking is the core of the knowledge creation process.

The nonlinearly of knowledge representation, connectivity of hypertext, intertextuality of hypertext is meaningless if the readers do not think critically. The reader will still follow the pre-arranged path set by the hypertext author / publisher as if like they are reading conventional linear printed materials if they are not thinking critically. No knowledge will be created as they are just accepting the information they read.

The reason why Socialisation is removed out from the knowledge creation is that the author feels that the socialisation is no longer playing critical part in hypertext world. In virtual world, the personal communication is limited to minimum with the aid of technology.

In hypertext world, the knowledge is created through how the reader make the connections, how they interpret the pathway they build, how they analyse a problem/concept through multi-facet ways of representation, etc. The destination is unknown to them till they found the pathway to the answer.

When two people see same thing, they may interpret the idea differently. Though WWW currently does not allow readers to attach their comments with the main text, however, the hypertext suggested by Nelson in the Xanadu project allows them to capture the reader comments. The comments captured serve important information for consecutive readers to understand how other people think about the materials that they are reading. The diffusions create more knowledge when they do their analysis.




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