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Currently at the time of writing in Fall of 2006, I am a freshman student here at Brown University. I enjoy using computers, programming, and art. I haven't written much for a while, but I usually enjoy it when I do. I own a Macintosh computer, and have owned at least one for most of my life. This is the first web page I have made that uses CSS. I will definitely use it again, since I liked using it so much this time.

I chose to write mostly about Nintendo games mostly because I believe that they usually were innovative with the technology they created, and the games that they programmed. I am also a fan of Nintendo, and haven't really had any other games consoles other than the Nintendo ones. The Zelda games have always been a favorite of mine, especially the newest one which I only just started playing a few days ago, since I got my Wii in all its glory.

Cave story is an interesting story in itself. I first learned about it mid 2005, only a few months or so after it was released to the public. Once the game was out, some independent rom-translators decided to translate the game to english. Around the same time, the game was being ported to Mac OS X, by another individual. Once I played the game, I loved it, and I suggest that anyone reading this gives it a shot as well. Where do I stand in this seemingly obscure game you might ask? I noticed once I got my intel mac that the game did not run well on it, since it was originally developed for power-pc based macs. I emailed the person who made the mac version, and after some emails were exchanged, and after about a month, I ended up being one of the few beta testers of this program on the mac. There is now a universal compile available on his site. The day after this release was given to the public, the English translation needed to be updated too, so I asked the programmer of the English patch if they could make a new version of this patch, which they did. Everything should eventually be available for download from the main fan site. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.

Otherwise, I'm just trying to get all my work done so that I can enjoy this upcoming winter break. See you around the internet,

-Kenneth Coane

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