Cave Story - (Doukutsu Monogatari)

This game is an independant gaming project. What this means, is that this game was entirely develpoed by one person. It is an adventure RPG platformer, which is a rare breed of game in a sense. To compare it to other games, it plays like a combintion between Metroid for the NES, and Zelda. While it is a recently developed game made only two years ago in 2004, the graphical elements, and movement style lend themselves to classic games.

Cave Story

The story, graphics, and music along with the multiple endings and paths make this game stand apart from many other games that exist freely on the internet.

The use of teleporters, and rooms in this game make for many similarities to Hypertext systems. A user can explore this world much like a hypertext system, and can end up completing many different and optional paths to end at one of three endings. It can be thought of almost like a map of sorts in this respect, where the player's actions can directly influence what part of the tree or story the character is in. There are many points in the game however, for the user to go back to a previously completed or explored area to talk to the characters there, or to pick up upgrades that were previously unattainable.

This site hosts downloads for both Windows and Mac OS X.