Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess Gameplay

At the time of this writing, this is the newest Zelda game in the series of games. Most of the game's physics and graphics style is the same it has been for the past few games. One of the major differences in this game opposed to the other games is the use of the Wii - remote. This acts not only as a pointing devices, but has motion sensors that detect how the user holds the remote.

The pointing capabilities of the remote allow the user a more transparent feel to selecting targets to attack or to talk to. The remote becomes an extension of the user's hand, opposed to using a joystick (while a joystick is still used in this game) which has a different kind of a feel. The experience become quite natural feeling, as do most other game control systems over time.

Since this is the newest version of the game, on the newest hardware, it has several advantages over the earlier games. Since on the Wii, the game discs are full DVD's, there is more capacity for any sort of content. The graphics in this version are obviously superior to graphics in previous games of the Zelda series. The amount of content, and detail in this version definitely seems to be superior to the other games as well.