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Cyberarts Resource Library

The library provides any NUS staff member or student a relaxed setting to learn more about latest developments and collaborations within Cyberculture and Cyberarts. Its multi-media facilities host video-art, CD ROMs, books and catalogues on Cyberarts and Digital Culture, as well as standard art history texts, art and cultural theory, scientific theory, and practical guidebooks for computer programs and languages. The library's holdings currently number over 1000 specialized books and other media, and its collection is rapidly increasing. Additionally, the library has a comfortable lounge to view videos, DVDs, CDs, and other computer-generated visuals. Four computers are housed in the Library, including two PCs and two Macintosh G4s, one of which is specialized for 3-D modeling, with LightWave and a 22-inch flatscreen monitor. Together with the Cyberarts studio where the production process is generated, the Cyberarts resource library serves as a place for contemplation and discussion for students and staff of various faculties.

Books Coach Mun Hin

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