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"The Cyberarts initiative calls for innovative students who are willing to challenge their conventional mindsets about art and inject creativity and new ideas into the Cyberarts scene. Dr Irina weighs the success of the initiative on students and artists who are inspired to come up with interesting proposals and make a difference in the collaboration of the different fields."

Cyberarts--Challenging Conventional Mindsets of Art, Yvonne Ng Gek Puey, The Ridge, February/March 2002.

"...The arts emphasise professional collaboration, public participation and concepts such as teamwork, community and reflection, all features of CyberArts."

CyberArts: Less Aesthetics, More Ethics, Education: Singapore's Knowledge Industry Journal, February/March 2002.

"...The state-of-the-art infrastructure is secondary to the space itself because it is here that learners are set free--to explore and expand the boundaries of their minds and to express their ideas and feelings in radical ways. They are encouraged to find their voice because they know that their ideas will be respected. In such a learning environment, creativity and freedom of expression can abound."

No Walls Around Minds: New Cyberarts studio to nurture creativity and innovation, Cover story, Knowledge Enterprise, February 2002 issue.

"Miss Dawn Teo, 21, a third-year arts and social sciences student, took the cyberarts course and, with two other arts students and another studying computing, explored the concept of space and architecture, and how architecture defines the landscape... As they major in various fields, each person provided different but vital perspectives on the project."

Studio open for NUS cyberartists, Straits Times, p.H4, 11 January 2002.

"The studio, which is about twice the size of a five-room flat, has 20 stations to edit videos, compose music, and create Internet webpages."

New cyber-arts studio for NUS undergraduates, Teo Suan Hwi, channelnewsasia.com, 10 January 2002.

"Assistant Professor Irina Aristarkhova, Director of the Cyberarts initiative, feels that artists often do not know how to exploit existing technology to produce art, while students at NUS are ready to explore it on full scale."

Art of Virtuality, Knowledge Enterprise, November/December 2001 issue.