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Student Projects, Cyberarts 2001-2002

Chen Han Tear Down Your Wall digital image
Emmeline An Obsession with the Flesh web site
Hsu Hsia Pin .     . digital image
Imran bin Tajudeen Theopolis invades the Metropolis, or The (New) Enlightenment digital image
Jane .     . digital image
Justin The Mind of Herzok Metcahf essay
Khong Wai Han, Mabel The Challenges of Producing a Piece of Bioart essay
Lim Sok Hui, Julia Ethics of Posthuman Aesthetics: Genetic Engineering - is there a U-turn? essay
Tan Shen Mynn Bioart or Blasphemy?  An Intellentual Dissection of Kac's Bunny essay
Thitima S. Re:produced digital image
Wah Fong .     . digital image

Student Projects, New Media Art CS1240, 2002-2003

Lai Yee Lin [Re]presentation Virtual Community web site
Dennis Yap and Chang Yung The Grid Project web site
Florian and Berti Desktop Cushion web site
Chua Hui Yee and Wong Jingwei Seeing is Believing web site
Ling Ling Sense web site